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You need to know about Lydmor

Danish girl, Jenny aka Lydmor is spreading her wings at this year’s Roskilde Festival. Read on to find out more about her unusual performance and her tips about what will be happening at Roskilde this year.


You are playing at this year’s Roskilde Festival. Can you tell us a bit about that?

What I have prepared for Roskilde this year is quite special! Instead of a normal festival set, I’ve been given the opportunity to develop a kind of performance/installation/sound image/concert in their Art Space in Klub Raa. I don’t want to say too much, but visually it’ll be something completely out of the ordinary. I can guarantee that you’ll never have seen anything like it before.


How will you prepare for that performance?

This performance has required a great deal of preparation. I have coordinated and planned the whole thing with a dramaturg, actors, body painters, technicians and, of course, also worked intensively on my musical preparation.


What are you looking forward to most?

The final song of the set when you realise that everything has gone well and everything has turned out the way it was meant to!


What other bands are you looking forward to seeing this year?

I’m looking forward to Charlotte Gainsbourg, Eminem, Superorganism, Gorillaz and St. Vincent.


Is there a MUST-SEE band this year?

I really believe that Superorganism will be THE GIG. I was at the Eurosonic Festival this winter which is a sort of international industry festival that bookers from all the big summer festivals visit to spot new talent. Superorganism was the band everyone was talking about. I missed their set so I’ll be catching them in Roskilde this year!


Best Roskilde hang-out?

Try to get lost. Switch off your telephone and throw away your map. Take a walk and make a point of only talking to people whose names you don’t know. Festival is about letting go and letting yourself be freer than you would otherwise.


What will you be drinking?

I’ll be drowning in Aperol Spritz when the gig’s over. I don’t really know who does the best drinks, but I’ve promised myself that I won’t spend too much time in the Media City area. It’s a place that isn’t very good for the soul.


What will you be wearing?

At the moment, I’m really into long, flowing things. Kimonos, loose coats, maxi dresses. If it comes down to my ankles, I’ll wear it. I think I’ve always had a slightly eccentric style and that’s always a good thing at a festival because everyone goes off the rails a bit more. I have a great outfit from Libertine-Libertine which looks a bit Asian. It’s my go-to thing at the moment.


What kind of makeup do you use on stage?

At the moment, I use fluorescent UV body paint. It’s a big part of my stage show so I’m covered in body paint when I go on stage. I often wear a pair of false eyelashes and generally quite a lot of eye makeup. I think it’s easier for people to feel what I’m about when they are made to focus on my eyes.


What is your Roskilde setup?

This year I’ll be staying in a hotel for one night. Unfortunately, I have to fly to Germany to do a show when I finish in Roskilde so I won’t have much time to enjoy the festival this year.


How many times have you been to Roskilde?

Many, many times. Both as a visitor and as a performer. It was the first festival I went to as a 16-year-old.




Do you have any good advice for anyone going to their first Roskilde Festival this year?

Try not to build up too many expectations about what it’s going to be like. Festival is about letting go and letting things happen. You can’t plan your way out of it – and remember to bring wet wipes, an extra towel and a couple of pairs of cheap sunglasses that you don’t mind losing – because they will get lost!



Text & photography Liv Winther for WASH YOUR FACE



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